Getting your baby’s bedroom ready is one of the best parts of preparing for their arrival. The most important thing of the bedroom that should be chose right and wisely is no other than the baby cot – place that is going to be all time nest for your little angel.

With vary baby cot products available now in the market, expecting parents somehow still didn’t clearly understand the most important aspects to be concerned on picking the right baby cot, most of them tend to choose them based on the color and design – how the baby cot looks and match with their baby room. With the growing of e-commerce, some of them even picking out the baby cot online based on the picture without physically touch it. The most important thing that oftenly forgotten is, how about the quality? Are they paying the safety for their precious baby?

Below are 10 important things you’ll need to know and check before buying a baby cot, either offline or online.

  1. Thickness of cot panels and cot ends. – Panels need to be at least 22mm thick for the cot to be durable and sturdy.
  2. The cot with wheels underneath the legs means that the cot has a light weight and is considered not safety.
  3. Check out the wood that’s used. Hard wood furniture will last longer. Be warned of the soft wood because it might not be durable.
  4. The paint use for the baby cot has to be a water-based paint so it won’t be dangerous as it is bitten by the baby.
  5. Measure the bar spacing in the rail cot, it should be no more than 6.5cm apart, so your baby can’t get stuck between them.
  6. Check that the drop-side mechanism works smoothly and stays reliably in the ‘up’ position.
  7. Make sure that the mattress is the right size – there should not, at any point, be a gap of more than 3cm between the mattress edge and the cot.
  8. Check there are no footholds or cut-outs or ledges in the sides or the ends that could help a baby climb out.
  9. Buy a bed with the head and footboards as one solid piece rather than ones with gaps/spaces or bars.
  10. At last, check whether the cot conforms to European safety norms NF EN 716-1 and 2 2013. This standard defines the mechanical safety requirements and testing for baby cot.

Safety is at Claire & Agnes the main priority. All our furniture is not only designed to point out the elegance aesthetic but also considering the needs, health, and safety especially for a new baby born. All of our design is complying with European safety norms NF EN 716-1 and 2 2013. Check out more of our collection here.