Whilst creating, we are very attentive to the fines and quality of our product. The modern collection, represent the kindness and uniqueness of our DNA’s.
The wood that we utilize for our fabrication are all audited as ethical for our community.

Concerned by the environment and the well being of animals in their natural habitat, we decided to cooperate with the Kalaweit’s foundation. This makes you as our costumer, a part of our project. To keep proctecting natural areas and the safety of gibbons (forest areas of South east Asia).

Times flies, however, until this day, I can sincerely still say that the enjoyment of producing and manufacturing new collections for you is the exact same feeling as the inspiration I first felt when Theo was born. A child’s universe to me, its a fulfilling/ light up world of magic and passion.

Nathalie Beaussart

Luniklo Chamallow

Luniklo Lollipop

Luniklo Milk