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The elegant curve of the bed is designed to ease carrying a child out of the crib.
Detailed carving in this collection express a level of sophistication.

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15 reviews for ROYAL BED

  1. Anita & Tonie

    Elegant – Packaging aman sampai dirumah

  2. Cathleen

    Kualitas cat memang beda dengan yg murahan, Worth produk ini untuk ibu ibu yang paranoid dan memang ada budget lebih buat sang kecil

  3. Thomas Connor

    Great product for the money… My husband assembled in about an hour on his own.  Good safety !!! There are no gaps between the mattress and the crib sides

  4. Connie

    It’s a white elegant crib for the price. It’s small and it’s perfect. We assembled it myself and it was very easy. 

  5. Rossa

    The product is really nice. Packaging is good and also look so cute.

  6. Tessa

    Great item! Fits well and look very nice 🙂

  7. Cindy Kim

    Best baby product purchased in preparation of my newborn! So happy for thisss <3

  8. Dina Riri

    Recommend banget buat yang satu ini.. Harga sesuai kualitas, dan juga bentuknya yang minimalis bikin keliatan lucu..

  9. Max

    I’m so happy with this product. It is a bit more expensive than the other one I was looking at but it was well worth the extra couple of bucks.

  10. Lora Queen

    I am looking forward to using it in a few days. I recommend this crib tent to all looking for quality and effectiveness. Sturdy.

  11. Rendy

    Puas dgn lemarinya,warna sesuai, kelengkapan produk ok, cara pemasangan ok, RECOMENDED 👍👍👍

  12. Baby Love

    Bagus sesuai gambar. Semoga awet ya.. Pengen belanja lagi disini deh..

  13. Yuri Masa

    Untuk harga memang udah pas sama kualitasnya, barangnya bagus dan sesuai dengan deskripsi..

  14. Greyson

    Just bought this for my baby.. Really love it and it’s so cute tho.. Thankyou Claire et Agnes.. <3

  15. Chayenne

    Suka banget sama desainnya. Sederhana tapi ellegant.. Perfect for me and my kids room.. Nice product..

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