Children are a blessing, a precious dream come true that fonds the word family. These reasons inspired a Belgian couple, Driss and his wife Patricia. To them, bedrooms are an important aspect of a child growing, there for, they decided to bring their visualization to life and created 

Living on the island of Gods, Driss and Patricia have established successful businesses. With years of experience, the couple built a furniture factory in Central Java, producing baby furniture (serving the European Market) for over 20 years now. This enabled them to embark on Claire and Agnes, producing crafted luxury nursery furniture. Creating every parent’s dream.

 create, produce, and distribute solutions for a child’s bedroom, manufacturing baby cots, wardrobes, chest and various others small furniture. Preparing one of life’s most beautiful visions, craft with genuine European design, putting into perspective every parent’s feelings when welcoming their much-awaited angels.

From the sketch to the design, the materials to the productions and the refinement to the finishing product,  present luminous and purity in every details of its furniture. The quality of the creation allows you to treasure the furniture forever.

The beauty of  classic collections, beautifully integrates every interior, embracing elegance and endurance in each details. The entire design not only points out the aesthetics, but also guarantees quality to baby essential needs, health and safety. Our work manufactures every piece of furniture by using all finest materials to promise durability so we can be the family’s lifetime companions witnessing the little angels growing up.

More than just furniture,  is a ‘’créateur de rêve’’ , crafting your vision to life.